User Experience (UX) Strategy

UX Strategy

A webpage doesn't exist in isolation. It's connected through links, people and printed materials. When working with any new project, we first pan back and look at the big picture.

Mapping the current customer journey

What are the different routes that a person takes when they become a customer, when they use a service and even when they stop? Design has a role in every printed flyer or digital platform to support a positive user experience. We can help map your current marketing ecosystem and identify weaknesses that are putting people off. We all know the experience well—you learn about a product that interests you but something in the buying process suddenly makes you suspicious about the company. A red flag is raised, and you navigate away to a different website. It is usually a small detail that has been overlooked—a missing https padlock, a spelling mistake or an email link that takes you to the wrong landing page. We can help tidy these things up and help you prevent people from falling away.

Enabling customers to achieve their goals easily

Companies which have evolved their on-line processes over time can have a lot of unnecessary content and force customers through unnecessary steps. A new UX strategy can often be about how easy can we make it for a customer to be served. How can we provide the information they need as clearly and quickly as possible?

How we create a UX Strategy

If you're after some guidance about what where your customer pain points are and how you can increase the pleasure that people have using your service online, we recommend including a UX strategy review in your order with us. The methods we use depend on the size of your organisation, ability to talk with people and test changes.

Stakeholder interviews - it's critical that we understand the vision of your organisation and this often involves having a conversation so that we can understand current frustrations, your organisation's goals and what success looks like.

User research - if possible we try to talk to actual users and understand what services they use, what devices (e.g. mobile or desktop) and what they enjoy and dislike about their digital interactions with you.

Competitor research - we want to know who your main competitors are and how they operate. What can we learn from them and what best practice can be copied from others who provide a comparable service?

Tools we use: Adobe XD

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About Parasola
Parasola was founded by Paul Dyke, a Digital Design professional in 2019. He has worked with top brands including McDonald's, Lloyds Bank and The National Lottery and wants to help brands to improve their visual design.
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