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We build bespoke themes for the popular content management system WordPress and can provide fast and secure hosting. If you already have your own hosting, we can work with that too.

Our build process

We use a template building tool that allows us to rapidly build light-weight WordPress themes whilst having tight control over the CSS and Javascript. We use Google Lighthouse to audit the code for performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO.

The structure of your website and it's underlying database is important to map out your data correctly. We set up content types appropriate for you. This might typically include pages, posts or products but could be anything - for example doctors and their surgeries. We then create relationships between these content types so that links can be easily made. Overall we're looking to create a way for you to write and edit your content in a way that is robust and simple to use. We can migrate existing content if available as csv files or from an existing WordPress installation.

Once we think a website build is complete, we put the site through final user testing to make sure nothing has been overlooked. This might be for example, completing forms and making test card payments. Although we test websites on a range of devices, browsers and operating systems for security and performance reasons, we force visitors to use updated browsers.

Locked down editing verses flexibility to modify the design

We strongly believe that consistently high quality of content between webpages is a way to build users' trust. We make it easy for multiple people to edit your website by locking down the ability to edit the styling of the site when necessary, but making it possible to make visual and structural changes over time as the website evolves. We look to be a close long term partner with organisations where enhancements and new ideas are a just a call away.

E-commerce platform

We work with WooCommerce, the primary e-commerce plugin for WordPress to offer secure card payments using Stripe or Square. Businesses trust us to safely run their online shops knowing that data is backed-up regularly and our systems are regularly updated to the current versions. Customers trust the familiar shopping cart experience, https padlock and ability to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to their regular bank or credit card. We can also enable reoccurring subscriptions and paid membership websites.

Email subscription

An email list of engaged customers and people who are interested in you is a powerful marketing tool. If you are providing genuine value through offers or content then people will read and return to your website. We recommend including signup forms within your main pages and as part of a checkout. WordPress easily integrates with popular email service providers so that you can include articles straight from your website. We code email templates so that you can easily create campaigns that are faithful to your brand and make the most of customer data to provide a personalised experience.


We want to use analytics to understand how people use your website but also want to avoid sharing data with 3rd parties if possible. Users are at the forefront of our website development considerations which means avoiding obtrusive cookie notifications and pop-ups if possible.

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About Parasola
Parasola was founded by Paul Dyke, a Digital Design professional in 2019. He has worked with top brands including McDonald's, Lloyds Bank and The National Lottery and wants to help brands to improve their visual design.
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