Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We're passionate about producing invigorating graphic design and its components - whether that be illustration, photography or typography.

Every digital project needs graphic design to frame the message and add personality. We find ways to translate complex concepts into simple designs that draw people to learn more.


Serif, sans serif, script, monospaced or display? We understand the power and interplay of fonts for the web. Previously constrained to web safe fonts of Times New Roman and Arial, we now have near limitless choice of typeface for projects thanks to Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit and other providers. Your choice of font communicates faster than the copy itself. We choose fonts that will communicate your values appropriately.

Brand colours

We can help select a colour palette for your brand with associated hex codes so that you can use anywhere on the web which allows you to list your organisation. We see industries adopting particular colours in their logos and brand - blue or green for banking for example. Colours and their combinations create emotions and are really important to get right.


We have in-house photography expertise and equipment and can also research and source appropriate images for your project from stock libraries.

Illustration and artwork

We often source illustration and artwork from stock libraries as this is quicker and more affordable, but sometimes something bespoke is required and is something we can organise for you.


Icons help guide people around. They should be easily understood and recognisable but also reflect the graphic style of your brand so that they belong. Assets for the web should be as high quality and the file size should be as small as possible and so we create icons as svg format whenever possible.

Design for HTML Email

We have a background in designing for email and understand it as a format with its constraints.

Motion graphics

As well as shooting and editing video for YouTube and social media, we create the titles, lower thirds and animations needed for professional video marketing.

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About Parasola
Parasola was founded by Paul Dyke, a Digital Design professional in 2019. He has worked with top brands including McDonald's, Lloyds Bank and The National Lottery and wants to help brands to improve their visual design.
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