Buying houses in Oxford for families who have fled Afghanistan

Video inviting churches to buy homes for Afghan families

Parasola produced a short video of Robin Peak from Homes with Purpose and Krish Kandiah, founder of Afghan Welcome to inspire churches across the city to join together to fund houses for vulnerable families who have fled the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The UK government has resettled 8,000 people through their ARAP programme. However, these people lack housing, and they’re in transition hotels.

Homes with Purpose wanted a video to play in church services to invite people to an online meeting. This meeting would show supporters how they could invest together to house families in Oxford.

Robin and Krish from Homes with Purpose stood in front of Oxford Radcliffe’s Camera on a sunny September lunchtime. We only had a few minutes to record everything, so we used our Panasonic GH5 for a quick setup. Our Rode II wireless microphones gave us professional sound.

We shot in 4K to let us crop into the shot, and create a multi-camera edit from one camera. The sun was low and bright, and cast strong shadows, so we filmed in the Radcliffe Camera’s shade for a more flattering look.

Two takes later, and Robin and Krish had successfully delivered their appeal to camera.

We edited the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro and added subtitles before supplying the HD video. The churches played the video in their services the following week. They had a superb response, and have generated enough interest to buy a house.

If you’re a charity or non-profit after a video to inspire supporters, contact Paul to discuss your ideas.

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