Disruptive Branding, Slides and Website

Disrupting Jo Gourley-Froome's training brand

Developing a completely new brand identify, slide deck and website for Jo Gourley Froome's Business Training Programmes.

At Parasola, we pride ourselves on offering a range of digital services that help small businesses to look the part and have the digital appearance that matches their high calibre. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Disruptive Training, a business management and leadership training company wanted to enhance their brand and online presence.

Disruptive Training is led by Jo Gourley-Froome, who works with top-tier clients including Nintendo, Carlsberg, Warburtons and GSK. Despite her impressive clientele, Jo knew that her branding, slides and website could use an upgrade to better reflect the quality of her teaching.

We worked with Jo to develop a brand guide that included a new logo, colour palette, typography, and vector illustrations. One of the challenges we faced was to evolve her graffiti-style logo into one that was more legible and contemporary but contained her disruptive philosophy. We ultimately decided on writing the name in a bold, clear typeface attached to a tangled, scribble sphere. This captured the company's brand and messaging – which would appeal to organisations looking for new ways of approaching things, employee behavioural shifts or product and process innovation.

In addition to the brand guide, we also designed and built a new website for Disruptive Training. The website features touch-enabled cards that allow visitors to swipe through different training programmes, making it easy for potential clients to find the information they need. The brand also rightly focuses on Jo as the principal trainer. It is her unique experience and technique that makes her business successful. On our recommendation, Jo hired a professional photographer to capture images for the website.

We also helped Jo migrate all her emails to Google Workspace, ensuring that they land in people's inboxes instead of their junk folders.

As part of the project, we also created a Microsoft PowerPoint Master Slide Deck and Microsoft Word Templates, which helped Jo create attractive, professional-looking proposal documents and slides for her workshops and courses. To ensure images always looked pin sharp, we used Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics and then moved them to PowerPoint. In all, Jo now has 26 master slides which she can use to update her slide decks.

Since the launch of the new website and branding, Jo and her team have received positive feedback from clients, who have responded well to the updated look and feel.

At Parasola, we're committed to helping businesses enhance their brand and online presence. If you're looking to upgrade your branding, website, or digital assets, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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Disruptive Training deliver impactful, disruptive training that produces identifiable results for businesses.

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Parasola was founded by Paul Dyke, a Digital Design professional in 2019. He has worked with top brands including McDonald's, Lloyds Bank and The National Lottery and wants to help brands to improve their visual design.
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