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We've all heard of clients saying they'd like a project ready yesterday, but after responding to an advert in Oxford's Daily Info, we were surprised to learn just how quickly Juliette Ash's new business, Oxford School Online needed to be put together - just a matter of days.

After helping to run pop-up schools over the summer holidays, Juliette understood the high demand from parents for a service to help children catch up on English and Maths lessons that they had missed during lockdown. Time was of the essence and as parents and students were queuing to take up a new service such as this.

We were up for the challenge and a gap in our schedule meant we could devote the time needed to get a new website with payment system in place. Communicating on video call and chat, we were able to quickly identify a design language that matched her aspirations - it needed to be contemporary, appealing to parents and functional.

Needless to say we pulled out all the stops and completed the site in time and Juliette was pleased with the design. Read on for more detail on how we structured and built the site.

The site was built in WordPress and uses custom blocks for the new Gutenberg editor to adjust the text, links and images on the page visually. With limited time for training, the site needed to be easy to maintain.

With such limited time, we proposed a one page site with anchor links. The hero section would have a clear value statement backed up with personal video from Juliette - who many of the parents would already know encouraging them to join a class.

The following section lists four features of the service to provide reassurance about the quality of the tutoring.

The following section is the focus of the page - persuading visitors to browse the timetable and book a term of classes. Clicking 'Book now' take the visitor directly to a checkout page where they can pay for the class. Details of how to access are emailed immediately.

The site finishes with an 'about us' paragraph to tell the story of why Oxford School Online was started, and a contact form. We were able to help source images showing children enjoying e-learning. It's very early days but we wish Oxford Online School success.

The CLient

Oxford School Online was started by Juliette Ash who had seen the large disparity of provision between different schools during the Covid 19 pandemic and wanted to enable catch up lessons via Zoom.

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