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Logo and website for a Malawi based charity

We partnered with Stone Barrell to create a new brand, look and website for Eagles Malawi Support. It's important for charities to have a visual identity, and they didn't have a consistently used, recognisable logo. Parasola were asked to design a new eye-catching logo that make it easier for supporters to share their work with friends and be memorable to a new, younger audience.

Most Malawians are reliant on agriculture, which is highly vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters such as drought and flash floods. The economy has weak growth, high national debt with limited ability to help their population. Only 51% of children complete a primary education, malnutrition in young children causes 25% to have stunted growth and HIV/AIDS infect 9.6% of the population. Eagles Malawi reaches every district of Malawi - over 300 communities and is well placed to make a difference with their life-changing church and community transformation work.

The project started with a branding workshop - a virtual whiteboard was used to collect ideas about their new brand. We discussed what was working and what needed to change, how they wanted to be and what brands did they look up to.

Virtual whiteboard discussing brand values

We present three logos to Eagles to choose from. Each had a different associated meaning that incorporated something from their brand. The animation below shows how we reached the three options and the final logo.

The Eagles Malawi Support team in the UK liked all the logos, but it was decided that the eagle with new leaf wings most represented hope, growth and development. By drawing on nature, this logo links to farming - the livelihood most of the people Eagles works with survive by. It also reflects the hope Eagles is bringing through new agriculture techniques as these people battle against climate change.

Example of content in Brand Pack
Example of content in Brand Pack

We created mock-ups of two key pages using Adobe XD and shared these with the Eagles team for their feedback. They worked on the copy and supplied images.

During the website design and build, Jacob from Stone Barrell was creating animated titles for a video they were producing for Eagles. We liked the use of the tail from the Eagle as an arrow and incorporated his animation idea into a background for the page headers. The animation is created using svg images and css keyframes which loads very quickly compared to a video file.

We are delighted with the finished brand guidelines and new website and know the team are receiving great feedback.

The CLient

Eagles train local churches and communities (including other faith groups), to work together, take responsibility for their own development and achieve holistic change. Eagles work in nearly 400 communities across Malawi, supporting about 400,000 people

About Parasola
Parasola was founded by Paul Dyke, a Digital Design professional in 2019. He has worked with top brands including McDonald's, Lloyds Bank and The National Lottery and wants to help brands to improve their visual design.
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